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The top duplicate trading platforms & social media were ranked and reviewed by our team of trading specialists. Find out which dealer won by reading on. To provide a clear list of the top choices, our specialists conducted a number of experiments on all the popular social trading and copy trading platforms. Each trading platform was given a score based on how much it costs, how many other customers it has, and how simple it is to check a trader’s track record.

The Top Social Trading Networks Overall For Copy Trading In 2023

1.Pacific Union : Excellent for social trading and customer service
2.Admirals : Excellent for current news and price information.

Top 7 Social Trading Platforms, Reviewed

1.Pacific Union, first. Best for customer service and social trading

We adore Pacific Union because of user-friendly platform is packed with a wealth of instructional materials, such as how-to manuals and video tutorials. Around 200+ stock CFDs for a few of the top firms in the world are available from Pacific Union.

It is a well regarded broker with a special social trading tool that enables new users to easily follow the positions and trading methods of the most experienced users on the site. Together with its mobile and web-based apps, Pacific Union makes use of the well-known Metatrader 4 platform. Traders have a range of leverage options up to 500:1 at their disposal.

The costs: All account types are subject to a commission starting at 0.1 points on a limited number of stock CFDs. All stocks are subject to a spread that begins at 0.5 points. Swap hares for holding a trade overnight vary depending on size.  

2.Admirals. Real-time news and pricing data are best.

We adore Admirals because you may invest as little as €1 in more than 8,000 different assets. Admirals is an excellent platform for investing since it offers thousands of companies & hundreds of ETFs from across the globe, allowing you to build a diverse portfolio.

You may test out all the Admirals platform with a sample account, and a tone of information is accessible without charge. Together with the most recent price charts, this also provides a wide range of real-time news and research.

All transactions are commission-free, but the costs are instead covered by the spreads. On the most common equities, spreads begin at 0 pip but may be much greater for volatile assets. Investing in stocks entails a 0.1% volume charge.

The Best Copy Trading Platforms For Your Needs

What’s the best social network for traders?

Zulutrade offers the most advanced social trading capabilities. It is not a broker in and of itself, but rather a live trading stream that connects to your brokerage account.

What is the best copy trading platform?

eToro, owing to its one-of-a-kind Copy Trader function. Copy Trader by eToro works similarly to a social network feed integrated into your brokerage account, allowing you to duplicate positions from your feeds to your account with the click of a button.

Which platform is best for copying forex trades?

AvaTrade is the greatest forex copy trading platform. You may duplicate transactions directly or connect your accounts to a public trading network, such as Zulutrade, or add trade from there.

What is the best platform for copy trading crypto?

eToro. It provides a diverse choice of cryptocurrencies as well as a high-quality duplicate trading service. There are over 70 crypto currencies to trade, including the most famous digital assets, Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

What is the best platform for copy trading stocks?

Zulutrade, since it may be linked to any major stock broker and provide access to thousands of equities. There are 100s of dealers to following, all with extensive understanding of the financial markets.

What Is A Social Trading Platform?

Social brokerage firms are investment bankers that enable users to access a variety of ‘social’ features, such as observing other traders’ trading techniques or duplicating their moves. These services provide a more personalized trading experience for beginners or casual trades, with much experienced investors providing expertise and guidance for others to follow.

What is social trading?

It’s a type of trade that functions similarly to a social network. Traders communicate with one another, use that communication to enhance their trading method, and duplicate one other’s deals. It’s an excellent opportunity for novices to learn from far more advanced people by following the thinking process that leads them to buying or selling an asset, or by witnessing a specific trading plan in action.

If you want to learn more and develop your own trading methods, you can discover additional fascinating articles published by our finance experts on our site about the best day-trading platform, top trading applications, and other topics.

How does social trading work?

Social trading operates by providing a forum for both novice and expert traders to communicate. Professional traders may submit their trades, and other users can remark on them or replicate them to quickly begin their own position.

Users may get followers by providing the finest content, just like on social media like Instagram or Twitter. Traders that demonstrate the best result over a lengthy period of time might amass a significant number of followers.

Frequently, the trader can profit based on the amount of individuals who follow each deal. Sometimes by offering access to their transactions, and other times by paying them a fee depending on the number of trades replicated.

What is copy trading?

It is the act of directly duplicating another investor’s trades into your brokerage account. The other investor should ideally be more experienced and accomplished than you. It allows inexperienced traders to begin following a lucrative trading technique without having to conduct their own research.

Copy trading is sometimes associated with social trading since you may use one of these sites to construct your own feed, much like a social networking site. Each trader provides trade ideas, along with explanations for why they chose a certain move, and you may then duplicate that trade to your own bank.

Several copy trading firms allow you to examine each trader’s track record, allowing you to identify and follow just the most successful brokers.

Quick Answers To Key Questions

Is social trading the same as copy trading?

They are comparable, but the emphasis with social trading is on the society: these platforms, like a social network, allow you to communicate and exchange ideas with other users. Copy trade is a more commercial type of trading in which you just copy another person’s deals onto your own accounts.

Manual copy trading involves following a broker on a virtual trading network and copying the positions you like. Mirror trade, which is effectively an automatic version of this procedure, can also result. You may use an algorithmic trading platform to set up notifications or trading indicators and just duplicate every transaction it gives you to your own brokerage account.

Is mirror trading the same as copy trading?

True, however mirror trading is automated, whereas copy trading is laborious. Mirror trading is the activity of configuring your accounts to automatically imply all trades from another trader’s account. However, copy trading requires more manual choice: you watch a trader and chose which transactions to duplicate.

In the forex markets, mirror trade is most popular. Some people set up their accounts to duplicate trade forex position from more professional currency traders. But, it is not limited to forex; you can use the same strategy to copy trade shares or cryptocurrency.

How much does it cost to use a copy trading broker?

The finest trading platforms for mimicking other traders need not charge any fees. You can usually join a net for free and search and copy other members without paying anything.

Nevertheless, there could be a minimum investment required in order to start an account. A social trading platform, for example, may allow you to mimic other traders for free if you deposit at least $200 into your brokerage account.

There is occasionally a cost if you wish to mirror transactions (mirror trading is when trades are immediately mirrored to your broker account).

Which is the best social investing network?

The biggest social investment framework is eToro. It has million of copy brokers from 140 different countries, making it a fertile environment for discussing ideas and trading strategies.

Again, the most famous copy trading programmed is eToro. It allows you to examine any user from whom you wish to replicate transactions to ensure they may have a solid track record. This has contributed to the site gaining millions of new users.

Do I need any copy trading software?

No, it’s not necessary to download anything. All you require is to login into your account to duplicate a transaction using a web browser or a mobile app.

Can I copy trade via MT4?

Yes, you may use the MetaTrader 4 programme to duplicate trades to your brokerage account. Most brokers interface with MT4, and the software simply allows you to examine the markets and learn trade methods more freely.

How Should I Choose A Social Trading Platform?

The most crucial thing is to seek for a broker who offers social or copy trading. It implies being able to check other users’ trading records and just following the most profitable traders.

Fees: Choose a platform with the cheapest trading fees. While the social networking part is normally free, placing transactions may need payment. This is critical if  intend to make a lots of deals.

Selection of assets: Social trading platforms first gained popularity as a means of copy trading FX markets. But, as time has passed, most copy trading platform now allows you to trade a wide range of assets, so check sure what you wish to trade is accessible. There are several possibilities for copy trading cryptocurrency, equities, and currency markets.

Reliability: When you duplicate a transaction, it will take a moment before it is performed on your platform. This may result in a lower price than the trader stated. Read user evaluations on each site to get a sense of how dependable and quick their trading service is.

The total number of users: Platforms with the most members tend to be the finest and provide the most traders to emulate or learn from. It will be easy to locate profitable traders to emulate for any asset class you intend to trade. Interacting with other people through the network is also lot easier.

In-depth trade history and data: If you intend to utilize a social trading system to mimic other users’ trades, you should have as much knowledge about their market history as feasible. When selecting a copy trading platform, seek for one that provides detailed information for all of its users on the network.

Should I Use A Social Trading Platform?

Social brokerage firms are excellent for newcomers. Following the judgements of more professional ones makes learning much easier, and you can win money as you go. Most online trading platforms allow you to duplicate transactions and, if desired, automate your trades.

Skilled traders should also think about the advantages of social brokerage firms. Professionals may generate passive revenue by enabling other users to replicate their trades. They can also enhance their income by imitating or collaborating with other dealers who have a successful track record.

You may also track your personal performance on all of these sites. This makes it simple to track your replicated transactions and earnings. It is possible to create a diverse portfolio of the top traders on each site and imitate deals from various assets. By using online duplicate trading brokers, you may spread your money over many assets while benefiting from someone else’s experience.


In conclusion, social trading platforms continue to revolutionize the way traders interact with financial markets. With the rapid advancements in technology, more and more traders are turning to social trading platforms to share ideas, collaborate with other traders, and learn from experts in the field. In 2023, there are several social trading platforms that stand out from the rest.

From the ease of use and user-friendly interface of eToro to the robust community and educational resources of ZuluTrade, these platforms offer a wide range of features and benefits for traders of all levels. It is important for traders to carefully consider their individual needs and preferences when selecting a social trading platform. By doing so, traders can find the best platform to help them achieve their financial goals and enhance their trading experience.

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