Compare 8 best CFD brokers & online platforms in 2023


The top CFD firms are routinely examined by a Forex ratings team of professionals. This article analyses the finest features of the main CFD trading platforms. To assist you in beginning CFD trading, we have evaluated more than 40 of the top CFD brokers. Six criteria were utilized by our panel to evaluate each CFD platform, and the findings were used to generate a final rating. The six requirements are:

  • Fees and commissions
  • Variety of markets, security and regulatory status
  • portable compatibility
  • Range of markets
  • Features of demo and social trading
  • research resources

For each criterion, we assigned a score to each CFD broker we evaluated, and we totaled the scores to determine a final rating. Continue reading to learn the outcomes.

Best CFD broker online overall for 2023

1.Pacific ocean: Great for social trading and customer service

2.Admirals: The best option for real-time news and price info.

Top 8 CFD trading platforms, reviewed

1. Pacific Union. Best for social trading & customer support

We adore Pacific Union because its user-friendly platform is packed with a wealth of instructional materials, such as how-to manuals and video tutorials. Around 200 stock CFDs for some of the top firms in the world are available from Pacific Union.

It is a well regarded broker with a special social trading tool that enables new users to easily follow the positions and trading methods of the most experienced users on the site. Together with its mobile and web-based apps, Pacific Union makes use of the well-known Metatrader 4 platform. Traders have a range of leverage options up to 500:1 at their disposal.

The costs: All account types are subject to a commission starting at 0.1 points on a limited number of stock CFDs. All stocks are subject to a spread that begins at 0.5 points.

2. Admirals. Best for real time news and price data

We adore Admirals because you may invest as little as €1 in more than 8,000 different assets. Admirals is an excellent platform for investing since it offers thousands of companies and hundreds of ETFs from across the globe, allowing you to build a diverse portfolio.

You may test out the Admirals platform with a sample account, and a tonne of information is accessible without charge. Together with the most recent price charts, this also provides a wide range of real-time news and research.

The costs: All transactions are commission-free; nonetheless, you pay for them via spreads. On the most popular equities, spreads begin at 0 pip but may be much greater for volatile assets. Investing in stocks entails a 0.1% volume charge.

The best CFD brokers for your needs

What is the best CFD broker for beginners?

For beginner traders, eToro offers the greatest service. With social features like CopyTrader that allow you to pick up trading tips from other users, the platform is made with new users in mind. Some CFD platforms are more user-friendly for beginners:

eToroFrom 0% commissionYes
Skilling0% commissionYes
Capital.com0% commissionYes

What is the cheapest CFD broker?

The finest CFD broker with cheap fees is Pepperstone. Based on a comparison of trading, overnight, and inactivity costs, it provides the greatest value. Here is a list of low-cost CFD brokers:

Pepperstone0% commissionYesNo
Capital.com0% commissionYesNo
eToroFrom 0% commissionYesYes

What is the best low spread CFD broker?

The spreads on Pepperstone are the lowest of any CFD trading platform. For well-liked assets like important currency pairs, it provides incredibly low average spreads. Several more CFD platforms with modest spreads are:

Pepperstone0.09 pips
AvaTrade0.91 pips
City Index1.1 pips

What is the best CFD forex broker?

City Index offers the widest selection of currency pairings together with an excellent trading environment. The main, minor, and a few exotic pairings are available for trading. Other CFD brokers for FX trading are listed below:

City Index80+

What is the best CFD broker for trading with leverage?

The finest user experience and leverage are found at AvaTrade. You won’t be able to access any more leverage than what is allowed by law for retail traders in the UK and Europe (30:1), unless you are a professional trader.


What is the best high leverage CFD broker?

Professional CFD traders get access to the most leverage at Pepperstone. To become a professional, you must fulfil a number of conditions, including minimum deposits and evidence of cash. Other resources to find a high leverage CFD broker online include:


What is the best CFD broker for scalping?

Admiral Markets provides minimal trading costs and quick deal execution. When scalping, two of the most crucial factors are speed and price. Other CFD brokers for scalping are listed below:

Admirals0% commissionImmediate
Pepperstone0% commission<0.03s
City Index0% commission (excl. shares)0.05s

What is the best CFD broker for free stock trading?

For cheap charge CFD trading, eToro is the best alternative because it has 0% commission on equities. There are no costs associated with account opening or administration. Other free CFD trading platforms are listed below:

eToroFrom 0% commission3118+
Plus500From 0% commission2800+
Skilling0% commission700+

What is the best CFD broker for US stocks?

The greatest method for trading US stock CFDs is skill. All the prestigious businesses that are listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ stock market are among the more than 700 equities that are readily available. The following list will assist you in locating the top CFD platform for US CFDs:


What is the best small stakes CFD broker?

Skilling. You need a CFD broker with low minimum trade sizes, like Skilling, if you want to trade with modest amounts. Once your initial investment has been done, you may start trading with a few cents. These are some other CFD trading sites for small investments.


What is the best CFD broker for advanced order execution?

City Index offers the fastest order speed of any broker we tested. Its top-tier order execution implies that limit orders frequently obtain a higher price, and it has a near-perfect execution record. Here are some other techniques to trade with rapid execution speeds:

City Index0.05s
Pacific Union0.15s

What is the best CFD broker for professional traders?

For the skilled trader, offers the ideal mix of speed, cost, and analytical tools. Specify your order settings in advance, such as entry and exit locations, trade size, and limit price, and Capital will execute as soon as relevant triggers are triggered. Here are some additional CFD choices for professionals:

Capital.com0% commission
City Index0% commission (excl. shares)
Pepperstone0% commission

What is the best CFD broker for large traders?

FXCM is the ideal alternative for CFD traders who wish to trade large amounts of money often. It has no maximum transaction size limit, quick execution times, and a trading platform that interfaces with MT4, MT5, and Trading View.

Here are some top choices to assist you pick the finest CFD platform for huge traders:

FXCMNo max
City IndexNo max
Pepperstone100 lots

What are CFD brokers?

Platforms for trading financial assets via a contract for difference. In other words, you utilise a CFD broker to trade assets such as stocks and shares, indices, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies without the requirement for the underlying product to be physically delivered.

What is CFD trading?

The online trading of financial assets in which traders seek to benefit from price differences in the underlying asset without actual delivery or exchange of that item between buyer and seller.

The assets in issue are standard financial instruments such as London Stock Exchange equities or major currency pairings. The difference between buying such stocks or currency pairs and utilising a CFD is that a CFD does not allow you to own the asset; instead, you trade a contract that represents its current price.

For example, gold contracts are based on the real trading prices of gold on the principal exchange where it is traded, the COMEX in London.

There is no exchange or delivery of crude oil when someone trades crude oil. Rather, the platform creates the crude oil CFD contract based on the price of crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) or the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) (ICE).

How does a CFD broker work?

A CFD broker’s role is to give a trader access to the market where the assets are listed, with prices derived from the underlying exchanges. Users can then place various sorts of orders for the asset classes displayed on the platform of their choice.

The main advantage of utilising CFDs is that no underlying asset is exchanged. Participants in CFD transactions are merely trading the difference in contract prices. These contracts are based on the actual pricing of the underlying assets.

When a trader places an order, the CFD broker matches it using a dealing desk to guarantee quick execution, using a counter-order in the same quantity as the trader’s request.

So, when a trader puts an order for an asset, it is routed through the engine’s front end (such as the MT4 desktop or mobile client). It is sent to the dealer’s dealing desk’s back-end software, where it is matched with a SELL order of the same quantity. After performed, the execution order is returned to the front-end, where it informs the trader that the order was fulfilled. The entire procedure takes milliseconds.

What should I look for in a CFD broker?

There are several factors to consider, however we propose the following as your primary emphasis when selecting the best CFD provider:

Choose a regulated platform: Use a CFD trading platform that is regulated by the financial body in your country. The Financial Conduct Authority, for example, regulates activities in the United Kingdom (FCA).

Payment method selection: There are several methods for funding a CFD forex broker. Credit/debit cards and e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are often accepted deposit options. Check to see if your selected payment option is available.

Good reputation: While certain online CFD trading platforms may have a decent product, if their user experience falls short, they should be avoided. Always look for internet reviews written by actual, verified consumers. This step will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Simplicity of use: The finest CFD brokers are well-designed and visually appealing. Badly designed ones might be difficult to operate and cause visual fatigue after extended hours of usage. When trading, speed and convenience of use are critical.

Demo account: Several major CFD brokers provide demo accounts for you to parties your abilities in a simulated market setting. It simulates reality, but your equilibrium is fundamentally fictitious. Begin with £100 or £100,000 and work your way up.

Quick answers to key questions

Do I own the assets I’m trading on a CFD trading platform?

No. When you trade CFDs, you do not own any underlying assets; instead, you are speculating on price.

The benefit is that you don’t have to worry about the practicalities of getting your assets from an online CFD broker to a place of exchange, or about the assets’ safety and security.

You solely trade on the fundamental price changes of each asset, allowing you to execute CFD transactions more quickly and capitalise on price variations.

Trading on CFD platforms are also leveraged, thus getting started with CFDs does not require a huge cash investment. This makes CFD trading great for expert traders while still providing adequate flexibility for most retail CFD traders.

What options do I have when CFD trading?

You can either take a long position with the hope that the price will climb, or a short position with the idea that the price will decrease. One of the most significant distinctions between trading a CFD and trading the underlying asset is the option to go short.

Hence, if you buy an asset for £1.50 a unit and buy 100 units, your entry price would be £150. The position is worth £210 if the price climbs to £2.10 per unit. As a result, your profit (the difference between the entry and exit prices) is 210 – 150 = £60.

Will I have to verify my account with a CFD broker?

Yes. All services must verify the identification and domicile of all clients on their platforms, according to international banking standards. Others may go so far as to request account statements from which your cash will be drawn.

CFD brokers are required to be regulated, and proving your name and address with a government-issued ID such as an international passport/license driver’s or a utility bill/bank statement will sufficient to validate your account.

Is online CFD trading secure?

That is really safe. Several CFD brokers have created a segregated accounting system for their clients, in which the principal capital is held in the members’ area and only deployed in response to the trader’s direct request.

Several of these procedures are now safeguarded by two-factor authentication (via SMS or email). Additionally, several platforms employ extremely strong encryption mechanisms to safeguard any CFD trader information input on their websites.

Can I trade multiple assets on a CFD trading platform?

Sure, you can trade CFDs on almost any financial asset. Although it is most typically used to trade currency pairs, many of the finest CFD trading platforms also provide commodity CFDs, stock CFDs, and exchange-traded funds.

Crypto CFDs are available in some jurisdictions, like as the United States, but not others.

Will I be charged a fee to trade CFDs?

Normally, there are no commission costs, but there is a rollover fee if you keep your CFD transactions open overnight or over the weekend. Flat-rate withdrawal fees are sometimes charged.

Can I use CFD trading apps?

Absolutely, most CFD trading systems include a mobile app with almost identical capabilities to the desktop version. CFD instruments can be traded on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

Which broker has the most CFDs?

eToro has the largest collection of CFDs available to trade, with more than 3000 available to trade. Here are some more brokers with the most CFDs available:


What are the advantages of using a CFD broker?

The finest CFD trading platform allows you to have exposure to practically any popular asset without owning or physically delivering it. Your trades can be leveraged, allowing you to control huge holdings with a small amount of collateral, while spreads are often modest and transactions are commission-free.

CFD trading is also rather quick and suits a more active trading style. It is best suited for those who want to speculate on price swings rather than gain from the long-term benefits of retaining particular assets.

And what are the drawbacks?

The disadvantage of not owning underlying assets is that you do not receive any of the benefits associated with ownership. As a result, if you hold a stock CFD, you are not entitled to dividends, as you would be if you bought the stock directly.

Similarly, you can’t use gold as a long-term hedge or store of value because when you buy a CFD, you don’t own any gold bullion.

Moreover, the European Securities and Markets Authority has recently imposed leverage limitations on CFDs (ESMA). As a result, providers of this sort in the UK and EU have begun to impose limits, decreasing leverage from as high as 1:500 to 1:30 at most for casual CFD traders.

Crypto CFDs have been completely outlawed in the United Kingdom in order to safeguard investors from using leverage to speculate on unconstrained and volatile assets.

Should I use a CFD broker platform?

If you wish to trade numerous asset classes and achieve short-term profits through an aggressive trading approach, a CFD broker is appropriate. Online CFD trading systems provide a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to go short, employ leverage, and purchase and sell assets much more quickly than is available elsewhere.

Additionally, financial brokers in the UK are regulated, so when you register an account with the finest platform for CFD trading, you will be enrolled in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

This is trader insurance provided by the broker on your behalf. The plan offers up to £50,000 in compensation to CFD traders whose funds are lost due to broker insolvency or liquidation.

In the end, everything comes down to what is essential to you. CFDs might not be the greatest option for long-term investment. Yet, because of the cheap cost of trading, a CFD broker provides a reasonably straightforward option for new traders to get started.


In conclusion, CFD trading has become increasingly popular in 2023 and there are many online platforms and brokers that offer this service. In this article, we have compared the top 8 CFD brokers and online platforms based on factors such as trading fees, user interface, customer support, and regulatory compliance. Each of these brokers has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to the individual trader to decide which one is best suited for their needs.


What is CFD trading?

CFD trading stands for Contracts for Difference, a financial instrument that allows traders to speculate on the price movements of underlying assets without actually owning them.

What are the top 8 CFD brokers and online platforms in 2023?

The top 8 CFD brokers and online platforms in 2023, based on our research, are eToro, Plus500, IG Markets, Pepperstone, CMC Markets, XM, FXTM, and AvaTrade.

What factors should traders consider when choosing a CFD broker or online platform?

Traders should consider factors such as trading fees, user interface, customer support, regulatory compliance, and the range of assets available for trading when choosing a CFD broker or online platform.

Are all the top 8 CFD brokers and online platforms regulated?

Yes, all of the top 8 CFD brokers and online platforms in 2023 are regulated by reputable financial authorities such as the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC.

Can CFD trading be profitable?

Yes, CFD trading can be profitable, but it also carries a high level of risk due to leverage. Traders should be aware of the risks and ensure they have a solid understanding of the markets before trading CFDs.

Risk disclaimer

People may discover trustworthy, unbiased information on money, trading, and investing on Forex Ratings, but we do not give financial advice; users should always conduct their own research. Stocks, cryptocurrency, and commodities are just a few of the extremely volatile items our website covers. New investors frequently lose money. Users shouldn’t ever invest more money than they can afford to lose because success in the financial markets is not guaranteed. Before making any investment, you should think about your unique situation and take the time to analyze all of your possibilities.

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