How To Buy Gold Online


Gold ranks among the most popular commodities that is utilized in a number of applications. Purchasing it online couldn’t be easier and in this tutorial we’ll show how and where to buy gold online in 2023. This beginner friendly article outlines everything you have to know in buying gold online. We explain the numerous ways you can acquire it, present a step-by-step instruction on how to buy it, and analyse what makes it an effective investment. Read on to learn further about purchasing items online.

How To Buy Gold Online – A Step-By-Step Guide

There are a few various ways you can purchase gold online and all need you to use a broker. Following we’ve also included steps you need to do to buy gold online.

1. Choose Your Broker

You can either buy actual gold or acquire gold derivatives like futures or CFDs. Either option will need you to employ a broker. While selecting a broker users need to examine their costs and commissions. When users buying physical gold users have to think of storage fees.

2. Decide On Your Budget

Gold is often sold by the ounce, and its price changes every day. You should carefully analyse your spending plan and adhere to it while investing in gold. Nevertheless, you must never invest more money than you can afford to lose. Allocating a percentage of your portfolio to gold is an excellent method to get exposure to it.

3. Do Your Research

Given the popularity of gold, there is a wealth of information available online. Before making any purchases, you should take the time to research it and its possibilities. There are periods when its worth may decline and periods when its price would rise more quickly than that of other assets. You can time your investment by conducting thorough research.

4. Decide How To Buy

There are numerous ways to purchase gold. ranging from actual bars that are delivered to your door to futures contracts or gold mining firms. Each method of purchasing has advantages and disadvantages of its own, so you should choose the one you want to utilise.

5. Register Your Broker Account

By now, you should have chosen a broker and be prepared to open an account. All you have to do to complete this short process is enter your contact information on your broker’s sign-up page. Before you may make a deposit of money, you might need to present some type of identification.

6. Make Your Purchase

You may now purchase your gold. You must first log into your brokerage account and select the investment strategy you want to utilise (futures, etfs, stocks, bullion etc.) After you are satisfied with the price, enter the amount you wish to spend and press the “buy” button.

What Is Gold?

Gold is a valuable metal commodity that has a range of purposes. Gold has been used as money for thousands of years in a variety of industries, including jewellery, electronics, and safe haven investing. Many experts believe that purchasing gold and holding it for a considerable amount of time is a secure investment, and gold has occasionally outperformed other assets.

Gold Bars

Most people undoubtedly think of gold bars when they think of the metal. These are the benefits and drawbacks of gold bars.

  • Pros: The cheapest way to purchase gold per ounce is through gold bars. Moreover, a gold bar uses less storage space per ounce. Purchasing gold bars provides a long-term store of value, making them a valuable asset to hang onto, especially as insurance against market and economic downturns.
  • Cons: Theft of physical gold is a constant risk. However, you might have problems selling a larger gold bar if you buy one because you’ll need to locate a customer who can afford it. Larger bars cost more since you must pay for its secure storage as well as a certified assay before they can be sold. 

Gold Coins 

There are numerous countries that produce gold coins, including the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. The following are advantages and disadvantages of purchasing gold coins:

  • Pros: Gold coins remain importance, easy to store, handy, and they can be liquidated in any part of the world. They require little upkeep, are unbreakable and a fantastic hedge against market volatility. They are more affordable for all price levels because of their lower size compared to bars.
  • Cons: Coins have a more elaborate pattern, making them beautiful than plain bars…but also more expensive to create and consequently more expensive on a per-ounce basis to acquire. Furthermore, they don’t yield interest or dividends and are more susceptible to theft.

Different Ways To Invest In Gold

Purchasing actual gold isn’t very practical so there are alternate methods available. Here are the several methods for purchasing gold online.

  • Stocks. One of the simplest methods to invest in gold is to purchase businesses engaged in its production or mining. There are many different stocks with a concentration on gold, and the value of those stocks fluctuates along with the price of the underlying metal.
  • Futures. Futures contracts are your best choice if you only want to purchase gold temporarily. Through futures, you can make predictions about the short-term price changes of gold. Nevertheless it is worth mentioning that futures contracts can be confusing and thus are best left to experienced investors.
  • ETFs. Exchange traded funds resemble stocks, but they also incorporate a group of businesses that deal in the gold market. There are numerous gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) available, each concentrating on a particular aspect of its mining as well as production. ETFs are still a cheap way to indirectly buy gold also speculate on to its price.
  • Mutual Funds. The fundamental distinction between funds and ETFs is that funds are managed by experts who select equities in accordance with their areas of expertise. There are numerous gold-focused mutual funds available, similar to ETFs. It’s important to keep in mind, too, that funds have annual fees and are typically more expensive than ETFs.
  • CFDs. Another approach to speculate on gold’s short-term price changes is to purchase CFDs. You place a trade on whether the price of gold will increase or decrease in the near future when you purchase gold CFDs, but you do not actually own the commodity. CFDs can be more cost-effective than futures contracts because they often have no commission.
  • Physical Gold. Online purchases of genuine gold are the best option if you want to make real investments. Finding gold dealers selling coins or bullion online is fairly simple. One thing to bear in mind with physical gold is that, unless you intend to keep your gold at home, you will need to take storage costs into account.

Which Method Is Right For Me?

Your particular circumstances, risk appetite, and aims may determine whether way of buying gold is suitable for you. You can get a brief summary of each below:

  • Physical. Purchasing gold bars or coins are best suited for investors staying for the lengthy period. Real gold comes with storage charges so you’ll have to consider it when deciding. Gold has a vast variety of uses in its material form, so rather than gambling on its price, you’ll also gain from customers needing it in the future.
  • Digital. If you would like to buy gold to add that to your portfolio as a means to diversify and hedge against inflation then digital is the ideal way. You have dozens of possibilities to buy gold online from equities, ETFs, funds, and CFDs. Purchasing gold through one of these ways is an easy approach to speculate over its price over the long or short term.

Is Buying Gold Online A Good Investment?

It may be, as historically the price has climbed over time, yet past performance is no assurance of future success. Whenever global economic conditions are terrible, gold tends to do well and is an excellent investment to hedge towards inflation. It’s also a fantastic method to diversify your portfolio and its multiple uses implies demand in the next years will continue to grow.

Unlike lots of other investments, while purchasing gold online you have plenty of options as to the manner to buy. You can buy actual gold which can be delivered directly to your home, or kept in secure storage. You can also acquire it through online brokerages utilising stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, or CFDs.

Its diverse use, numerous ways to buy, and store of value attributes makes it a fantastic investment for anyone looking to protect their portfolio while benefiting from long term development prospects.

How To Buy Gold Stocks

Gold stocks refer to businesses that work within the gold sector. This can encompass a wide range of businesses through miners via refineries and many more. Purchasing gold stocks is a great strategy to invest in the metal. Companies involved in the gold business, notably miners, find their share prices mimic those of the price of the commodity.

There are thousands of gold stocks to pick from and picking the finest ones is no easy feat. If you’d like to learn about the most suitable gold stocks to purchase 2023, you can browse our in depth guide. To acquire gold equities users need a broker who lists them. Our comparison table above has a range of brokers that all let you purchase gold stocks.

Should I Buy Gold Online Now?

It depends on your objectives and investment conditions, however its success over the past 2 decades implies it has rarely been a terrible moment to buy. If you want to hedge towards inflation, diversify your portfolio, or desire an alternative to typical investments, then buying things online could be a wise decision.


Buying gold online can be a convenient and secure way to invest in this precious metal. However, it is essential to do thorough research and choose a reputable seller to ensure that the gold purchased is of high quality and comes with appropriate certifications. Additionally, it is crucial to understand the various forms of gold available, such as bullion, coins, and jewelry, and their respective advantages and disadvantages. By following these guidelines, investors can confidently navigate the process of buying gold online and add this valuable asset to their portfolio.


Is it better to buy gold coins or bars?

In general, buying gold bars rather than coins is thought to be preferable. Coins made of gold require more procedures during production, which raises the price per ounce. Traditionally, gold is formed into bars that are simple to transport and store. The bulk of central banks that own gold do so in the form of bars.

How do beginners buy gold?

Once you have made up your mind of what technique you are going to utilise to buy gold you’ll need to register with a broker. You may quickly and affordably purchase gold with the help of a broker. To learn more about buying gold online, it’s always a good idea to read guides like this one.

Can you buy gold at the bank?

Yes. A bank is a comparatively conventional manner to purchase, sell, and store gold. Banks already have their own vaults, so they are covered for storage, but they might charge you more to buy gold from them than an online broker would normally. Be aware that while banks are not permitted for gold transactions in the UK, they are permitted in the U.S. and a few other nations.

Should I own physical gold?

Owning actual gold can be a fantastic idea, but you need think about how much it will cost you to store it. Digitally is a lot simpler way to purchase gold. You can purchase gold using a variety of various techniques, including equities, ETFs, funds, and CFDs, using an online brokerage platform. This manner of buying gold is frequently significantly more affordable.

Risk Disclaimer

People can discover trustworthy, unbiased information on money, trading, and investing on Forex-Ratings, but we do not give financial advise; users should always conduct their own research. Stocks, cryptocurrency, and commodities are just a few of the highly volatile items this website covers. New investors frequently lose money. Users shouldn’t ever invest more money than they can afford to lose because success in the financial markets is not guaranteed. Before making any investment, you should think about your unique situation and take the time to analyse all your possibilities.

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